PowerWashing / Deck Sealing



Your home is your biggest and most important investment so keep it clean. With V&N, we have the knowledge and equipment to safely remove the dirt, moss, and mold from your home’s exterior. V&N does not use high pressure or dangerous chemicals that can cause major damage to your home. All of our low pressure home cleaning chemicals are safe , not only for your home but your surrounding environment.


We are experts at deck cleaning and deck sealing and restoring other exterior wood including house siding. We get excellent results in deck cleaning and deck staining.


Just like your roof and siding, the exterior of your gutters can easily become dirty and discolored due to the constant exposure to theelements. We will hand scrub your gutters using soft bristle

brushes to remove grimy buildup, followed by a cleansing hot water rinse. You will be amazed at what a difference sparkling clean gutters and downspouts can make for your home’s overall appearance!